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Donate to help tackle religious and social intolerance

SA’ADAH is a community care organisation seeking to engage young Muslims on the issue of violent extremism & theological radicalisation by building towards peaceful communities across the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to promote holistic Islam to British Muslims by helping to nurture creativity, encourage diversity through authentic scholarship and encourage critical civic participation.

The intention behind our various educational programs is to empower and mould ethical behavior with excellent character through the values of public service, mercy and social justice in society.

Our work hopes to tackle the ideologies that give rise to religious and social intolerance by combatting the narrative that gives it strength in the world. We believe that sound traditional education and practical collaboration on the ground creates a synergy to developing a positive identity, respect and understanding between people of different faiths & communities.

To be genuine citizens and contributors to the well-being of society, we need to collectively increase social integration, mutual co-existence and learn to be at ease with the diversity in a multi-cultural society.

By investing in SA’ADAH you are helping to bring about a change that will benefit you and your offspring for generations to come.

Thank you for joining us in this endeavor.

You can help support this vital work.