101 Thornbury Road, Thornbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire

In the name of God, the Most Beneficient, the Merciful

‘Verily the Lord does not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in their hearts…’ (Qur’an 13:11)


SA’ADAH is an Arabic term meaning felicity – everlasting peace and spiritual contentment.

It is a concept that is at the very heart of the Islamic faith. The pursuit of real eternal happiness is to tread the path of a moral and virtuous life.

We believe in a life of excellence – what the Greeks called arete – where pleasure is found in the service of others.

Our aim as a non-profit organisation is to empower and nurture ethical behaviour in a holistic manner based on authoritive Islamic education.

We hope to inspire people to rise above the narrow confines of their individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of the community.

We feel by combining these elements we can expose people to a vast Islamic tradition and help create future leaders who are intellectually and emotionally ready to engage the wider world around them.

This type of education is a necessity as human beings living in communities are multi dimensional and have a huge potential to become moral agents.


  • Engage in leading and delivering projects for the youth
  • Create an ethos that supports community regeneration, social action & promotes pastoral care
  • Create platforms for authentic debate, critical thinking & deep spiritual reflection
  • Provide faith-inspired guidance to combat exclusion and encourage positive civic action in communities
  • Foster more open, engaged & cohesive communities
  • To connect the British Muslim community with their spiritual and cultural identity
  • To assist in behaviour management and provide emotional support to those vulnerable in society


SA’ADAH is a non-profit organisation that constructs safe spaces by facilitating discourse and engagement within a framework that is sensitive and responsive to the Islamic intellectual and theological context.

In essence, it is about how faith is a force for making our communities and society more human, tolerant and harmonious. Our holistic approach appreciates the value of a healthy civil society committed to social action and service, which are at the very core of Islamic tenants and beliefs.


Navigating faith in the modern world can be difficult but we feel that credible theological reasoning can be a means of paramount direction. Through our access to eminent scholars, we turn to the vast Islamic tradition for guidance, inspiration and leadership in an unbalanced world,


Our aim is to help participants learn and rediscover the skills needed to engage in meaningful debate and discussion about living faith in a modern society. By helping people engage in the wider community, we can help build alliances with people from very diverse backgrounds and denominations.


SA’ADAH advocates the development of the Islamic message of forbearance, justice, co-existence and pluralism as essential approaches to contemporary challenges to facilitate change.

We conduct seminars, mentoring courses, and thought leadership conferences that bring together Imams, community leaders and activists to share in ideas of prosperity for a more just and tolerant society.