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INNAHA FATIMAH – Verily She is Fatimah Zahrah with Habib Faisal Al-Kaff

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**SA’ADAH السعادة, KQZ Institute & Clement’s Gate Present**


Verily She is Fatimah Zahrah

with Habib Faisal Al-Kaff

DATE: Sunday 24th January 2016

VENUE: Madni Jamia Masjid, 101 Thornbury Road, Bradford, BD3 8SA

TIME: 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM


fatima zahra

Program Synopsis

Background to the Text – INNAHA FATIMAH

The text is written from a Saudi teacher by the name of Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Yamani about the blessed life of Lady Fatimah al-Zahrah, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

This book looks in depth at the life of Sayyidina Fatima al-Zahra from her birth, the childhood, her trials, the death of her Mother, her support for her father to her personal life such as her marriage and children.

The textual study will demonstrate different areas of her life thus giving a broad and beautiful outlook and assistance to those who may be going through similar situations in their personal life.

Every woman can find an example in the life of Lady Fatimah, and known as Tahira the pure and as she is a piece of her father and wife of the husband the of warrior Ali. In the confusing times we live in, Sayyidina Fatimah is the complete role model in our day and age with also the days to come.

Biography of the Teacher – Habib Faisal al-Kaff (Yemen)

The Islamic scholar, Al-Habib Faisal Al-Kaff is a student of the sacred Islamic sciences and also a preacher. He heralds from the noble family of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and acquired sacred Islamic knowledge from many scholars the main one being the spiritual master Al-Habib Umar Bin Hafiz.

He has undertaken a number of tours to spread the message of Islam and has participated in many Islamic conferences. Currently, he is involved in establishing and participating in a range of different TV and radio programs across the Arab world which focus on spiritual and moral discipline and education.

He has also been very active in his contribution to a range of important research, including a Master’s degree from the Faculty of the principles of calling to Islam entitled “wisdom and its impact in changing the state of the Muslim community.”
Habib Faisal al-Kaff calls towards spreading Islam through propagating the reality and spirit of Islam. He sees that the rectification of communities can come about through two important things.

Firstly, a re-connection with the Chosen Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by means of loving him, connecting with him and following him. Secondly, a rewriting of the system of community values by focusing on the correct understanding of moral and spiritual purification.

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