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Rediscovering the Mocha Road: The History of Coffee with Mokhtar Alkhanshali

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**SA’ADAH & Mocha Mill Presents**



The History of Coffee

with Mokhtar Alkhanshali

DATE: 13 November – 16 November 2015

Bradford | Liverpool | Luton | London


Tour Synopsis

At the legendary port city of Mocha, Yemen became the birthplace of coffee cultivation and the first in the world to commercialise coffee production. The coffee roots trace back to country of Yemen in the heart of the middle east.

The history of the coffee bean has had tremendous links to Muslim farmers and exporters globally. From a Yemeni/Ethiopian shepherd to shaping European political thought to over 1 billion cups consumed per day, this Muslim innovation is one of the most important inventions of human history.

Mokhtar AlKanshali is a specialty coffee sensory analyst who began training with the world-renowned coffee expert Willem Boot. Since then he travelled the world to partake in conferences to discuss with key individuals on how to protect future export of coffee on a global scale and has actively immersed himself within the grassroots communities to share his knowledge.

This UK tour with SA’ADAH Mokhtar Alkanshali will visit 4 cities where he aims to disseminate his deep knowledge on the origins of coffee, in particular the Islamic History, discuss the coffee science (biology & sensory) and then share his passion of how coffee can nurture profoudn social impact work.

Tour Pictures

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