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THE MARTIAL ART OF SILAT with Grandmaster Roedy Wiranatakusumah (Indonesia)

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**SA’ADAH, Pencak Silat Federation Present & Silat Sunda Institute Presents**

Practical Seminar On:


with Grandmaster Roedy Wiranatakusumah (Indonesia)

DATE: Thursday 7th July 2015

VENUE: Sharing Voices, Clifton Villas, Bradford, BD8 7BY

TIME: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Men Only | All Welcome | Free Event


Program Synopsis

‘Pencak Silat’ is the term used to describe the thousands of indigenous fighting styles which exist throughout the Malay Archipelago, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Southern Thailand and the Southern Philippines.

Although only known in small pockets of the western world, Silat has played a significant role in the history of South East Asia for centuries; from the need for a community to defend itself, to the most sophisticated military strategies of the armies which expanded and defended the vast empires that existed across the Archipelago in pre-colonial times.

A Silat teacher is not merely a teacher of physical movements and techniques but also acts – at the least – as a valued mentor to his or her students, and often a father/mother figure.

A true master will develop his or her students as human beings and not only as fighters, and the relationship between student and master is not confined to the training arena.

Silat is the ultimate form of self defence, developed in the regions of Indonesia and Malaysia. It has been mastered by man Muslim men & women for centuries; it helps develop one’s mental, physical & spiritual energy. The application of this beautiful art is linked to the movements of prayer and ablution.

The teacher will conduct a seminar on the spiritual art of Silat leading into a practical demonstration with the attendees.

Advice to Attendees – to dress in casual clothing as may partake in some exercises & drill exercises with the instructor.

Instructor Biography

Grandmaster Roedy Wiranatakusumah (Indonesia)

More than 40 years experience in Pencak Silat with various styles from Grand Masters in Java, Indonesia. (Maen Po, Nampon, Gadjah Putih, and Benjang/Tradional Ground Fighting)

Founder of Silat Sunda Institute
– Teaching Pencak Silat application with breathing tecniques to Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Vancouver 1992 – 2000
– Covered in European Sport Enclyclopedia 1999 for Pencak Silat section.
– Conducting International Pencak Silat seminars in Venezuela, USA, Kanada, Japan, and England Since 1992
– Teaching Silat at Rhode Island, USA for SWAT Team (Summer Camp 1996)
– Pencak Silat Advisor for Youth Self Defence Program in West Java, Indonesia.
– Private Program Women Self Defence/Flight Attendance and Tactical Survivor (Boy Scout Program)